Monday, December 2, 2013

NU Merchandise

NU BLK Merchandise isn't just Hats and Tees I have sweatshirts too. The plan is to generate as much traffic as possible to my blog through my clothing. My friends and family have been more than supportive and have been purchasing hats and t-shirts and I am appreciative.

NU BLK Sweatshirt, H&M Pants, Zara Pumps, Just Fab Purse

I'm working on updating my store so if anyone want's hats (BLACK, RED, Or NAVY), T-shirts (Crew and V-Neck), or Sweatshirts (BLACK, RED, Or GRAY) for now I'm accepting all orders to my e-mail.

PS. I was delayed with this post because I decided to over indulge with some cyber monday purchases. Every year I claim I will only Christmas shop...and then MANGO had 405 off of EVERY DAMN THING! Another year me and my credit card are defeated and I can't wait to start getting my new clothes!! Especially the fur crop top from ASOS

Happy Holidays Everyone


Pictures Courtesy of Franchely Parra

Friday, November 29, 2013

BLK Friday

Vintage Clutch

It's officially cold as hell in New York City. I hate the cold weather, I hate any form of precipitation, and I especially hate them even more when they're mixed with public transportation. These last few days I've been tempted to get over my fear of driving and just suck it up and get my license until I think about New York City highways. 

                                                 NU BLK Hat, Vintage Leather Pants

So instead it's leather pants and minks with a crop top for good measure. No it doesn't make sense but a lot of things in my life don't at the moment so I guess my clothing reflects this. 

And yes NU BLK hats are for sale and I'll be putting up more merchandise very soon. 

Shop if you must today, I'll be waiting for Cyber Monday.  


Photos Courtesy Of Franchely Parra

Friday, November 22, 2013

Plaid X Plaid

I've been contemplating lately what direction I want the content of my blog to go in. I'm trying to figure out if its going to be light or if I'm going to get into the heavy issues that I usually enjoy discussing. 

Yes this is a fashion blog but really I just want my fashion to be used to reel you in then hopefully you read something that you actually can walk away from thinking about later. I'm not frightened by opposing thoughts or that I may rub some people the wrong way. I'm proficient in the English language enough to have debates with anyone who would like to. I'll add that most subjects pertaining to oppression, imperialism, and capitalism I am very invested in but I promise that I won't let my emotion override actually fact. *Sidebar I know indulging in clothes is another capitalistic constraint. Yes I get it, yes I'm a part of it but in order to overcome the wrongs in capitalism you have to live and thrive within it.* 
Zara Men's Plaid Skull Shirt, Old Navy Plaid Shirt, GAP DIY Short
Vintage Crocodile Purse, H&M Winged Ring

No Brand Over The Knee Boots
With my personality you may read a Fred Hampton quote or something fashion related so be prepared. I stated in my first post that this would be an interesting ride and I'm sticking to my word.


Photos Courtesy of Franchely Para

Thursday, October 31, 2013

From His To Hers: Zara Bones T-Shirt

Like I said I make men's clothes my own so when I began picking out an outfit in Iziah's closet I don't think he fully understood what I was about to do in there. His stats are 6'2 185lbs while I'm standing strong at 5'0 106lbs. Now does the fact that he stands over a foot taller than me deter me?...Uh no, matter of fact hell no. T-Shirts are now dresses and button ups and cardigans are even better for this layering action that this weather is giving.

Also since he has a pretty good closet to work with I had enough time to pick out some fits and have his bedroom looking like a tornado just passed. Hope he didn't mind that much and he let's me rummage through his closet to play dress up again even after I didn't clean up because I have my eye on a Zara embellished sweatshirt and Ralph Lauren wool cardigan, with leather patchwork elbows...oh my, that I will definitely bring everlasting life too.

Now excuse me while I go through my dad's clothes for my next From His to Hers Post...


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Giving Instagram Realness

Ok so this isn't my usual photogphy post but sometimes Iphone photo shoots have to make do. So sit back and watch me become an Instagram model before your eyes.

With that being send instagram photo shoots kind of make you feel uncomfortable. When you have a Canon or Nixon heavy duty camera in front of you the photographer screaming "YASSSS" and your climb up Central Park rocks to give life seem less awkward. In spite of this, I endured the judgment as I smized at an Iphone 5 and did what I had to do.

Also since I tend to wear Men's Clothing and make it more feminine/ edgy, I'm thinking of doing who wore it better posts between me and the men in my life. I think it would be fun and cute. So yea that might come very soon. 

H&M Faux Leather Jacket, Zara Mens Shirt Worn As Dress, Vintage Store Gold Rope Chain, Vintage Purse, Non Brand Over The Knee Boots


Saturday, October 19, 2013

Pictures Speak 1000 Words...I Hope

I'm using this post to thank the people who have ordered hats. One item at a time, I'm very happy with all the support I'm receiving and I have over 1100 views so now you loves just have to start commenting and following it's not that hard I promise. 

I would discuss an adventure of some sort if I had one, but my life has been engrossed around every thing NU BLK and its going to be that way for some time. While thats going on, however, I hope my pictures do enough talking to make up for the words I lack.

Zara Shoes

H&M Top & Pants


Photos Courtesy of Corey Aaron

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Its A Prime Time

First I wanted to talk about how short I am with these mile long legs. It seems impossible that I'm only 5' right? I'm giving Amazon Goddess all over this post.

Then I looked at another picture and wanted to touch on how the bronze god's always bless me in the summer and how I'm envious of darker complexions because they've never been called Rudolph in the winter. Then I swiftly flashback to my Black Studies classes telling us how beautiful our culture is because we come in every color under the sun, which makes me feel slightly better but still go buy bronzer by the case in preparation for how harsh this winter is going to be on my skin. 

In spite of the things I wanted and did talk about, I ultimately decided to give you a brief list of my life as of late:

  • Kwame Toure (Stokely Carmichael) lectures. If you want to hear riveting speeches please please listen to him, even if you don't agree with everything he's saying you'll at least want to do your own research about the facts he's dropping about history. 

  • The NU BLK merchandise is coming slowly but surely. Hats are already on sale and soon there will be more options available for men and women. 

H&M Top & Blazer, Burlington Coat Factory Waterfall Necklace, Thrift Find Skirt



Photos Courtesy Of Corey Aaron