Thursday, October 31, 2013

From His To Hers: Zara Bones T-Shirt

Like I said I make men's clothes my own so when I began picking out an outfit in Iziah's closet I don't think he fully understood what I was about to do in there. His stats are 6'2 185lbs while I'm standing strong at 5'0 106lbs. Now does the fact that he stands over a foot taller than me deter me?...Uh no, matter of fact hell no. T-Shirts are now dresses and button ups and cardigans are even better for this layering action that this weather is giving.

Also since he has a pretty good closet to work with I had enough time to pick out some fits and have his bedroom looking like a tornado just passed. Hope he didn't mind that much and he let's me rummage through his closet to play dress up again even after I didn't clean up because I have my eye on a Zara embellished sweatshirt and Ralph Lauren wool cardigan, with leather patchwork elbows...oh my, that I will definitely bring everlasting life too.

Now excuse me while I go through my dad's clothes for my next From His to Hers Post...



  1. You. Hands Down. Talk About Owned it!

  2. YOOOO! My guy is 6'2 too.. We have alot in common hahah. Let me know if you come to DC too. 5'0 ft crew in efffffect . I def need l to look at his shirts now. He has a cassie one(im obsessed with her) I might do an inspired look. Gotta check out his clothes more than to sleep in hahaha


    1. Yes Girl Embrace Those Oversized Clothes 🙌 LoL