Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Giving Instagram Realness

Ok so this isn't my usual photogphy post but sometimes Iphone photo shoots have to make do. So sit back and watch me become an Instagram model before your eyes.

With that being send instagram photo shoots kind of make you feel uncomfortable. When you have a Canon or Nixon heavy duty camera in front of you the photographer screaming "YASSSS" and your climb up Central Park rocks to give life seem less awkward. In spite of this, I endured the judgment as I smized at an Iphone 5 and did what I had to do.

Also since I tend to wear Men's Clothing and make it more feminine/ edgy, I'm thinking of doing who wore it better posts between me and the men in my life. I think it would be fun and cute. So yea that might come very soon. 

H&M Faux Leather Jacket, Zara Mens Shirt Worn As Dress, Vintage Store Gold Rope Chain, Vintage Purse, Non Brand Over The Knee Boots



  1. I looooove this look. You gotta email me the No brand OTK boots link or store. I have been trying to find a decent pair that fits little mini legs and it is hard. I dont want suede lol. Any who loooove this look your hair cut is amaze too