Friday, November 22, 2013

Plaid X Plaid

I've been contemplating lately what direction I want the content of my blog to go in. I'm trying to figure out if its going to be light or if I'm going to get into the heavy issues that I usually enjoy discussing. 

Yes this is a fashion blog but really I just want my fashion to be used to reel you in then hopefully you read something that you actually can walk away from thinking about later. I'm not frightened by opposing thoughts or that I may rub some people the wrong way. I'm proficient in the English language enough to have debates with anyone who would like to. I'll add that most subjects pertaining to oppression, imperialism, and capitalism I am very invested in but I promise that I won't let my emotion override actually fact. *Sidebar I know indulging in clothes is another capitalistic constraint. Yes I get it, yes I'm a part of it but in order to overcome the wrongs in capitalism you have to live and thrive within it.* 
Zara Men's Plaid Skull Shirt, Old Navy Plaid Shirt, GAP DIY Short
Vintage Crocodile Purse, H&M Winged Ring

No Brand Over The Knee Boots
With my personality you may read a Fred Hampton quote or something fashion related so be prepared. I stated in my first post that this would be an interesting ride and I'm sticking to my word.


Photos Courtesy of Franchely Para

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