Friday, November 29, 2013

BLK Friday

Vintage Clutch

It's officially cold as hell in New York City. I hate the cold weather, I hate any form of precipitation, and I especially hate them even more when they're mixed with public transportation. These last few days I've been tempted to get over my fear of driving and just suck it up and get my license until I think about New York City highways. 

                                                 NU BLK Hat, Vintage Leather Pants

So instead it's leather pants and minks with a crop top for good measure. No it doesn't make sense but a lot of things in my life don't at the moment so I guess my clothing reflects this. 

And yes NU BLK hats are for sale and I'll be putting up more merchandise very soon. 

Shop if you must today, I'll be waiting for Cyber Monday.  


Photos Courtesy Of Franchely Parra

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