Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Street Wear Or Just What WE Wear?

Since Most People Just Look At The Pictures And Go On About Their Day I Won't Have To Deal With The Tension That Comes From My View On Society's Infrastructure. I Guess This Is Some Type Of Warning To Those Who Enjoy The Comforts Of Being Politically Correct.
I have a theory that fashion and the powers that may be are obsessed with "urban" culture. Whatever the hell "urban" is but that's a completely different tangent. So basically my theory is exactly what Nicki Manaj said, mental note you will never have me quote her ever again to support an argument of any kind, "When Black people do a Black thing it's not popping." Basically it's a misappropriation of Black culture in most cases, but they'll swear it's just paying homage to Hilfiger in the 90s.

I'm here for the probate at the Rick Owens show I really am but it's not edgy or different it is what WE do.  Yes I'm saying we not to exclude but to include that I am apart of that culture. What was done for shock value is very normal. Everyone was gagging and trying to understand wtf was actually going on, because they seen women larger than a 00 jumping around and more than 1 brown face on a "high fashion" runway. Now I have never actually participated in a probate, but I do know that somewhere in America AKAs had their pinky fingers raised high unbothered. 
Now does this mean Kappas will be shaking their shoulders in fashion shows everywhere next season, probably not. So when F21 is over NWA tshirts and swag becomes as non-relevant to popular culture as the word "bling" is, will we ever see a more than the token "other" model strut. Basically what I'm getting to is while its fun to mix "street wear" with "high end" fashion pieces at least if you're going to continue to mimick a specific culture, can the audience see more models of that culture walk the runway to. 
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PS If This Post Was About Miley Cyrus It Would Be My Thesis


Photos Courtesy Of Corey Arron

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