Saturday, September 28, 2013

Nu Beginnings

I Promised Myself This Would Be The Last Time For First Post Introductions. I've Acquired This New Personality Trait Called "Consistency" And I'm Beginning To Understand The Concept Of Branding Myself. This Is Where It Has Landed Me. Even Though Change Is The Only Thing That Is Constant You Always Have To Start From The Beginning. So This Is My Clean Slate, The Beginning To My Empire And Career... The Nu BLK.

Now That Thats Out The Way Hopefully Everyone Will Realize That When I First Started Blogging I Was About 18 Years Old And Now I'm 23, Even Though I Still Resemble A High School Student, My Writing And Dressing Have Gotten Better. Not To Say That I'm Not Experimenting With Different Fabrics And Prints But I Kind Of Sort Of Have An Idea Of How I Want To Represent Myself. 

I Wore This Fit To A Friend's Birthday Dinner At Beauty & Essex. Lovely Place. Free Champagne. Ok Food. Now That I Think About It Though I Had Too Much Champagne And  Mixed Drinks So Don't Take My Word For It. However, This Place Is Beautiful So The Experience Is Worth The Money I Always Seem To Spend In Excess For Small Portions Of Food. Not Quite The Best Money I Ever Spent But Buyer's Remorse Didn't Kick In So I Recommend It To Others.
Forever 21 Sweat Shirt, Thrift Find Skirt, Vintage Find Purse

Its Going To Be A Fun Ride, I Promise...


Photos Courtesy Of Corey Aaron

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  1. I am glad you are back, I love this look. I've been blogging for about 5 years and about to retire and do an ig fashion nd lifestyle page. It's easier for me now. But this outfit my love I adore. The sweatshirt is f21 never would've thought it. And the bag is dope too. Love!!! Welcome back... And subscribed via email so I won't miss a post.


    P.s I look like a high schooler too smh... But the clothes fit. We just have to mature it up haha

  2. I was asked by a dear friend of my family to go on this page and leave a comment. Girl i wish i was 20something again. The outfits, the jewerly, pocketbook i just simply love. I'm going to pass your blog onto my 18yr. old daughter who like you love to put pieces together that i probably would not have thought to do. Keep up the good work........... April